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Frequently Asked Quesions

1. How many PMI(s) can be interconnected?
   Ans: With proper mix of inhouse developed communication interface units, it is possible to connect          upto 125 machines.

2. Can Production Monitoring displays be added to the system?
   Ans: Yes, we can customize our application to suit your requirement of displaying information on          our own LED based displays available in many varieties.(visit our website: How ever if third party display is required to be used we will be          needing the protocol details etc.

3. What is the PC configuration required for PLMS to work?
   Ans: Minimum configuration required:
        1. Pentium IV with minimum of 128 MB RAM.
        2. One COM Port for serial communication with PMI Unit(s).
        3. CD ROM drive.
        4. PC with Windows 2000/Windows XP as operating System.
        5. MS Office 2003 or later installed.

4. What is the power supply requirement for the PMI(s)?
   Ans: PMI needs 230V, 50Hz and consumes not more than 10W of power. PMI is also be made to          work on 24V DC.

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