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                              Production Line Monitoring System(PLMS)

      In a manufacturing industry, investment on the machinery is significant. Production operations by workers/machinery are carried out based on scientific management. At any cost production shouldn’t be affected by lack of timely supply of components or breakdown of machinery or non availability of required tools. PROCESS CARE SYSTEMS has developed Production Line Monitoring System to communicate production parameters to a centralized system, to record those parameters and to use them for generating reports facilitating better management. In the Production Line Monitoring System (PLMS), machines are networked by connecting each machine to a MMU [Data Logger]. PC will receive the data from MMU and stores them.
      Production Line Monitoring System is complete solution for maintaining the quality of product and effective utilization of machine time. It provides accurate and timely information on the real causes of downtime to enable increased output. It also frees supervisory personnel to do more value added work and production target information displayed on every MMU unit keeps operator busy.

                                    Benefits of PLMS                                                                        Other Related Products

    Helps to maintain the quality of the manufactured product by recording the rejected quantity. The MMU Downtime Monitoring facility captures machine status in real time from production units. The information about machine down is made available to the operator through audio visual alarms.
Following are the benefits of the PLMS:

  • Reduce the rejection of finished products.
  • Increase the efficiency.
  • Optimize uptime / Minimize Downtime.

    Automation of data acquisition, reporting and analysis eliminates human errors and makes management information available instantly. Apart from these, stores details of about 8 different parameters like job code, operator code, down code, batch code, rejection code etc. Calculates current efficiency, production rates, Rejection rate, Utilization as well as OLE - Overall Line Effectiveness.

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