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Functional Block Diagram

   Production Line Monitoring System has several Modules viz: PC with enhanced application software, serial HUB-485, PMI(Production Monitoring Interface), Tower Lamp, Buzzer. The PMI is designed with serial communication port to interact with PC, tower lamp interface to indicate current status of the machine, buzzer interface to alert the operator if the machine is down, machine interface to read vital signals to derive production count and other status of machine, with display and keyboard interface for the operator to interact with the system. Three lamps with colors Red, Amber, Green in the Tower lamp are used to indicate different status of that particular machine/station. Machine running normally is indicated by lighting up of green lamp and down is indicated by continuous flashing of red lamp along with the buzzer.

       Making use of in-built RTC, the PMI date and time stamps all the events and sends to the PC running PLMS application software. The software will maintain the database of all the events of all the machines, from which data base it will generate various reports and charts.

Main System Modules

Production Monitoring Interface(PMI):

   PMI(Production Monitoring Interface) is designed to read signals from process/production machine and send it to remote computer in addition to reflecting the same on the local display on Real time basis.
PMI contains:

  1. 128 X 64 pixels LCD module.
  2. Membrane keypad of 20 keys.

   The PMI provides for 8 different parameters like job code, operator code, down code, batch code, rejection code etc. Each parameter will have 16 different entries. The keypad consisting of 20 membrane keys on the front panel will enable the user to select one of the entries of a parameter.

   On power ON the machine status window will show “Idling”. After sensing “Start” pulse, i.e., while machine is running it will show real time. The cumulative count is incremented by one on sensing “Start” signal. The count will be decremented on pressing “Reject” key on the front panel. The cumulative count can be reset to zero either through keypad (with pass code protection) or through software.

   If the next start pulse is not received within the down threshold time, the PMI will prompt the user to enter the reason code. If reason code is not entered within the interlock time then the machine will be disabled. On entering the reason code for which the machine is down, the machine will be enabled again. The enabling/disabling of the machine can be implemented using the potential free contact output of the PMI (e.g... wiring this potential free contact in series with the start push button).


LCD Display Window                             :  128 x 64 pixels LCD
Keypad                                                   :  20 keys. 
           Fn Keys                                       :  6 nos.
           Numerals                                     :  10nos.
           Navigation                                   :  4 nos. 
Communication Interface                         :  RS485 on RJ45 jack
Dimension (W x H x D)                           :  200mm x 112mm x 30mm.
Weight                                                    :  375gms 

The following configurations are done through software:

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