Any manufacturing unit like Cement plant, Steel plant, Power plant or other such organisations will have many processes running. Such processes need several  parameters like temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Flow, Mass, etc to be monitored and controlled continuously .Similarly some processes need electrical parameters like voltage, current, frequency to be taken care of .It is implied that such parameters are always required to be controlled within some bounds. Hence almost all the controllers designed to meet these requirements will have an output indicating the parameter under its control is within the desired range or not which can be referred to as ‘Health ‘ o/p. 
          One can expect several hundreds of such controllers [if not thousands] working in a typical plant or a manufacturing unit. It is humanly impossible to monitor all such controllers and figure out if they are working properly Therefore the ‘health’ o/p’s of all such controllers are required to be brought into a single room and have them light up corresponding indicating lamps. Apart from these indicating lamps if an audible alarm is actuated on any one of such indicator glowing, human attention can be drawn to take corrective steps. 
          It is also desirable to figure out if any of the critical physical parameters has gone out of range and give an o/p which can ‘trip’ the plant. An electronic system designed to do such a function is called an annunciator. Depending on the complexity of the plant the requirement of annunciator will vary in several ways. Hence such annunciators must have many more programmable features apart from the basic functionality that is explained above. 
          Process Care Systems has designed one such versatile annunciator which is explained more fully well in the subsequent sections. The same annunciator with some more circuitry added emerged out in different flavors like Heater Failure Annunciator, Thyristor Failure Annunciator etc.

       Why choose our Annunciators?
  • RISC based microcontroller design eliminates bulky and clumsy circuitry .
  • Allows 4 different sequences of operation-Field Programmable.
  • Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) reduces power consumption.
  • Built-in Watch Dog Timer.
  • Optically isolated fault inputs.
  • Super bright LED Facia-Attractive and saves Power.
  • Allows usage of cluster of these annunciators with synchronized flashing.
  • Repeat orders from customers endorse the quality and reliability of the product.
  • Excellent after sales service.
  • Cost effective, efficient and compact.
  • Maintenance free.

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