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  COM Port Isolator

  • Provides optical isolation between I/P and O/P serial ports.
  • Supports all the signals generally used in any RS232 port.
  • Both Galvanic & Optical isolation is provided.
  • Extensively used to connect PLCs and CNC machines.

  DMX124 / DMX128

  • Designed to connect one of 4 or 8 RS232 devices to common port.
  • Provides for both Auto and Manual selection.
  • Ideal for CNC machines interconnection.
  • Broad Casting of Data in one direction is an option. 

  Line Drivers

  • Drives RS232 signals to a long distance
  • Provides optical isolation and lightning protection
  • Available in various models to suit different environments.
  • Can Drive up to 6 kms at 9600 baud. Auto baud rate & data format selector.

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  Serial <-> Parallel Converter ( Smart Con )

  •  Converts RS232 to RS 485 and vice versa. (i.e RS232 <-> Centronix)
  • Uses DIP switch for baud rate/data format selection.
  • Provides for memory buffer.
  • Uses a Microcontroller.

  Icon 485 (RS232 to RS485 Converter)

  •  Converts RS232 to RS 485 and vice versa.
  • Provides automatic direction selection.
  • Optical isolation is the main future.
  • Finds its application in systems involving PLCs/AC Drives/Card Readers etc..

  Parallel Port Sharer

  • Designed to share a parallel device like printer among several PC users automatically.
  • Available in 2:1, 4:1 and 4:2 models.
  • Supports Centronix interface on parallel ports.
  • Real time transmission in 2:1 and 4:1 models.
  • While printer ports are terminated on D-shell 25 pin connectors, PC ports are terminated on 36 pin centronix connection which makes it possible to use in standard printer cables.

  DYNAMUX Series Multiplexer

  • Used to connect cluster of remote RS232C devices at distance of upto 2 KM using only 2 pairs of long distance wires.
  • Provides optical isolation and lightning protection 
  • Available in different models for different applications.
  • Real time transmission of Data (Not store & forward).

  RS232 Multipoint Driver - RMD 124/RMD 128

  • Used to multi drop RS 232 devices.
  • Can be used to implement poll select protocol to inter-connect several devices to a common RS232 port.
  • Protocol independent.
  • Can be used to implementing MODBUS protocol on RS232 port.
  • Can be used to implement modules protocol.

  Matrix Switch 4 x 4

  • Designed to arrange 8 RS232C ports in a matrix of 4x4 and cross connect them.
  • Supports 4 signals on every port.
  • Supports TXD, RXD and one pair of handshake signals.
  • Connection map can be downloaded through a separate RS232 Control Port.

  ABC 08 Switch

  • Designed to switch 8 ports to either computer A or computer B simultaneously with a single control switch.
  • Used in fault tolerant systems.
  • Supports TXD, RXD and one pair of handshake signals.

  Serial Sharer SS801

  • Designed to share one serial device among 2 or 4 serial ports automatically.
  • Provides optical isolation.
  • Auto baud rate and data format selection.
  • Supports up to 38.4 KBPS.


  • Designed to check continuity, polarisation, miswiring of UTP cables by auto scanning.
  • Battery operated, easy to use.
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